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Thursday, March 9, 2017

SKULLS by @parrfect_skateboards

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SKULLS by @parrfect_skateboards
This is my 5th board at OSF. My brand is Parrfect which exists to fuse
the spiritual with the everyday. This board was inspired by me missing
my cultural food. I'm Inuk and I grew up in Cape Dorset, so I'm used
to eating different animals than I do here in Toronto: Caribou, Polar
Bear, Walrus. The skulls of these three animals are on this new
symmetrical free ride longboard, representing that when I eat the
animal I am stronger spiritually along side my elders who traditionly
ate this food too.
To make this board I spray painted the design and did a wood burning
of skulls showing through the custom grip tape. I added these human
skulls to link the people of the land to the animals. I cut out a
silhouette of the skulls and traced it on to the grip tape before
sticking it down. It was hard to cut the grip tape and try to centre
it, but I think it turned out great. I love a new challenging technique to learn.
I feel good about this board. I learned to not smudge the graphic by
putting it on a dirty surface (I had to tape some of it up again and
fix the paint a second time). Overall, it looks great and fits into my
brand style with the faded background colours and the Inuit theme of
the graphic. I'm looking forward to seeing where my next board takes
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