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Friday, March 24, 2017

Lizard Kidd

This is my first board at OSF. Our initial project was to create a
board that embodied my brand and gave a bit of insight into my
capabilities. I chose to make a dragon, a creature I look up to in
all its glory. My brand is Lizard Kidd, which exists to bring a bit
of magic to an all too real world. 
My inspiration for this dragon
board was my three-year artist block when I could only draw dragons.
This is a tribute to the end of my artist block. I feel as I walk along this earth, I am shaping who I was into whom I want to be. A transition of lizard-to-dragon is more than scales and wings, but a metamorphosis of mentality and perspective. A lizard
observes, skitters around and camouflages into its surroundings. But see, the mythical dragon is majestic: the dragon is strong and
spiritual, a creator and a destroyer. These traits are almost opposite, but can still attain each other, a transition between the real and unreal.
The board is a 100% Canadian Maple street deck. I choose to use a low
relief technique by sculpting the dragon’s head from a veneer. I
continued the process with wood burning to match the 3-D technique. I
then used watercolour to create a conceptual contrast of fire and
water in my material. I chose to place him sitting on the waterfall to
give the illusion of having control of a pure life source.
I think this board turned out amazing and was happy to apply new skills. I am excited to make the next board for my brand Lizard Kidd!
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